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Adding ‘Dislike’ Button to Facebook Posts/Pages in Google Chrome

  Are you eager of disliking the post of your friends on Facebook? Facebook has declared many times that it will never add the option of ‘Dislike’ button for their posts. However, many users are pleading the site to introduce the
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Enabling Firewall on Your Android Mobile for Tackling Security Threats

  The Android users have great news that a revolution is brought about in the security features of Android mobile with the help of firewall. It is very hard to protect your devices from malicious attacks today in software. Google’s Android,
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Snapdragon Glance: Usage-Aware Android Lock Screen Replacement[Guide]

 There is no comparison of Android in customization. Forget about the launchers and ROMs, the customizations can be achieved in screen locks with the likes of Ported Galaxy S4 or Note3 lock screens. Following the same series of development, another interesting

Quickly Switch Between 30 Popular DNS Servers Using ChrisPC DNS Switch

How does the internet work? This question is in the minds of many people who are using internet for having fun on Facebook, Youtube etc. Understanding the every nut and bolt of it is not simple. However, some basics some me
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Customize Folder Colors in Windows with ‘Rainbow Folders’

  Managing folders could be quite tricky in Windows. At best, we can assign logical names to them so that they are organized. Sorting the items by group, name, date, or size is another option. Fortunately, there are better ways to

How to Get Safari Reader like Features in Any Mobile Web Browser

  Reading is the one of the most common activities on the internet. Most of you might be aware of the handy Safari Reader app that allows reading the webpage on iPad, iPod touch, or iPhones conveniently by eliminating the undesired
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Installing Windows on a MAC Using Boot Camp [Guide]

The Forbes declares the Apple Macbook Pro as the best Windows PC, while CNET declares it the best windows laptop in terms of performance. It is very surprising that despite all the great efforts of the industry in making powerful PCs,
message beam

Exchanging Content between Android Device and PC Using Message Beam [Guide]

  We use a variety of electronic devices these days, and it becomes difficult at times to exchange information between two devices. Although Pushbullet is hailed as one of the best Apps for transferring chunks of information and data between Android

Remote Controlling Any IR device Via HTC One [Guide]

  The manufacturers of smart-phone have started incorporating revolutionary features in their hardware of the products. These updates add value to your devices in terms of wide horizon as well as versatility. The native protocol of Android like NFC, introduced by